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Dension DAB+A DAB Receiver with Remote & Bluetooth

Dension DAB+A DAB Receiver with Remote & Bluetooth

Simple DAB add on to your car without having to change your original stereo, or have an extra device on your dash.
This little device will be hidden behind the dash and can be controlled not only from the extra controller but from your mobile phone.

With this latest version the Dension DAB+A has even got Bluetooth. Meaning once connected with your mobile device it can be used to make and recieve calls as well as stream music.
Note: you must have the Dension app downloaded on your phone to manage stations from your device.

By using a radio frequency that is not in use, this digital radio add on connects to the frequency.
Once connected you can use the remote or your phone to flick through a now massive list of radio stations and listen in much higher quality than your regular AM/FM radio. 



  • DAB, DAB+ and DMB-R standards are supported
  • SMB antenna connector
  • Works with non-amplified and active antennas
  • Connects through the FM-transmitter with a broader channel selection
  • Radio information is displayed via RDS radio text



Compatibly with almost all car radios which have a digital display showing lists of stations.
If you're unsure about compatibility send us an enquiry.


  • Connects through the FM-transmitter (frequency range: 87.6 MHz~107.9 MHz)


  • Controlled through the radio frequency wireless remote control
  • Remote controller includes buttons for stored stations


  • Radio information is displayed via RDS radio text
  • Basic menu is displayed via RDS also



Includes Windscreen Antennae Kit

  • Kit Only Price: £169
  • Fitted Price: £219
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