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GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracker

GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracker

Teltonika FM A120
Compact and professional this tracker has internal high gain GNSS & GSM antennas to give you an extremely precise geo location along with global coverage.


The compact size makes it simple to install but difficult to find.
Vehicle CAN Adapter acquires vehicle data and reads vehicle codes from anything to fuel level to engine management problems. It can read data codes from over 1800 vehicles including cars, buses, HGV’s, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery like tractors etc.
Ignition & Trip Detection which identifies when the vehicle is turned on, with start and stop times, distance and location of each trip.
Speed & Green Driving Detection can be turned on, notifying the driver by LED light or buzzer when it detects over speeding, harsh braking or over acceleration.
The SMS Event option sends you a text about your vehicles whether it’s engine status, over speeding etc.
1-Wire protocol allows you to easily identify drivers and connect up to 4 digital thermometers to monitor your cargo.


Check in on your device on the go from your phone with our app or online via our website with detailed reports and notifications.
Download our app on the app store or v
isit our website here and try our tracker demo for yourself.


This tracker is £180 fully fitted. There is an additionalcost of £144 for a yearly subscription which includes SIM card and management of the app. Ensuring that your tracker is working perfectly all year round.

*Note after the first year there is a yearly subscription fee 


  • 170mAh Li-ion 3.7V Back up battery
  • DIN Digital input – 3  
  • AIN Analogue input –1  
  • DOUT Digital Output – 2
  • IP41 Protection from tools, wires and condensation
  • Over Voltage protection protects the device from voltage jumps til 90V
  • 1x SIM Card
  • USB Connection via PC, Laptop and other devices
  • Dimensions: L(65mm)x W(56.6mm)x H(18.9mm)


Check out on how our car and vehicle trackers work, once installed and connected with our mobile app;


  • Fitted Price: £180
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