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Cartier Roadster Replica Ref. 5970 -- The Most Beautiful Classic Watch Ever Made

The tachymeter is one of the most distinctive features in Patek's chronographs. It is a scale that calculates the average speed over a predetermined distance. It is usually one kilometre. Start your chronograph at the beginning of the kilometre, and stop it at its end. The chronograph seconds hand will display the average speed of an object (e.g. a horse, or car) over that distance. The chronograph has roots in both auto-racing and sports. Therefore, the first Cartier Roadster Replica perpetual clock chronograph, 1518, had this scale around its dial. It gave it an aggressive, instrument-like expression.

The 2499, which was the second most famous Patek perpetual calendar chronographs, still featured the tachymeter in its first two series. These watches are the most sought-after of the models. Philippe Stern created the 3970,Cartier Roadster Replica which was 1.5mm smaller in diameter than the predecessor, the 2499. This was likely due to the fact that in the 1980s, when it was first launched, the idea of miniaturizing a complication was in fashion and the diminutive size of watches was in high demand. The tachymeter was not included in the 3970 or its twin-second chronograph counterpart, the 5004. One exception to this rule is the execution dials of the watches that Eric Clapton made. These dials have an Arabic 12 o’clock index, sensuously applied dots hour markers, and both a complete seconds track and a full scale tachymetric.

Ref. 3970 (standard dial without tachymeter).

Custom dial ref. 3970 for Eric Clapton

Custom dial ref. 5004 for Eric Clapton

How do you incorporate this information into a watch measuring 36mm? It already has so much information, and it also features a subdial at 6 o'clock that displays the moonphase and date indications. This is the best piece of dial design magic I have ever seen.www.topreplicawatch.co The tachymeter track can be abbreviated to disappear into the date ring between the 11th and the 21st. You will find tiny markers for 110km and 130km. There is nothing between. However, it is possible to approximate the speed between 130km-110km visually depending on the position of the chronograph hand when it stops. This allows you place the minutely indexed track of full seconds to the watch's exterior. It is fully indexed and has full 1/5th of second markers.

This method of abbreviating tachymeter was new in the 3970's antecedents. The 1518 images show a fully articulated circle around the date indications at 6 o'clock. There is also a fully realized seconds track. The tachymeter is placed on the exterior which makes it difficult to read due to the small font. Although the first two series of 2499 have the same arrangement,Tag Heuer Aquaracer Replica some dials have an open date display that merges with the second track. The unique dials of 5004 and 3970 make it easier to see the tachymeter and make it more visible. The bolder print on the tachymeter's dial can also make the watch more performance-oriented. Thierry Stern clearly liked the scales in these dials, and he used the exact same design when designing the 5970.

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