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Chopard Replica Watches has produced some of the most iconic models in recent years, including the U2-51/JET. This blacked out model graced Tom Hardy’s wrist in Venom. The ALT1 P2 JET, a blacked out chronograph that will be seen on Hardy in the upcoming Venom 2 sequel, was not inspired by the sinister hero.

Chopard Replica Watches, one of the most iconic aviation brands in the world, has once again looked to the skies as the inspiration for its ALT1P2 Jet and found it... in an odd place. Gravity Industries was founded by Richard Browning. Gravity Industries produces the Gravity Jet Suit. This is what you get if you strap miniature jet engines powered by kerosene to your body and use your arms for steering. While it may be too soon to say whether this new frontier in manned flight will become a reality or if it is just an amusing novelty, Chopard Replica Watches is known for supporting British-born oddities. The ALT1 Chronograph is perhaps Chopard Replica Watches's most innovative design.

Chopard Replica Watches took that idea and doubled it down to make the ALT1-P2 Jet, a dark version of the popular Chopard Replica Watches chronograph. The old radium-look luminescence (which Chopard Replica Watches calls '51 lume") combines with Chopard Replica Watches tough case 43mm steel with Chopard Replica Watches Trip-Tick to create a modern and clean look. The BE-53AE automatic movement is powering the 16mm thick watch, but it's hidden behind a dark sapphire caseback.Breitling Replica Watches You can choose between a DLC or black vintage leather bracelet to attach it to your wrist.

The ALT1 P2 Jet is a dramatic looking suit that you don't need to be afraid of.


Move with ease

BE-53AE automatic clock with 42 hours power reserve. Chronograph with minutes, hours and date.

Case Study

Black DLC coated steel, 43mm by 16.3mm tall, Trip Tick case construction


Vintage black leather or DLC 22mm bracelet


The strap is 4195 GBP, the bracelet is 4595 GBP.

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