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Gold is a rare metal that has been admired by cultures around the globe for as long as recorded human history. All the gold that you see is actually stardust. It's the result of black holes and neutron stars colliding.

These powerful collisions produced the energy required to bind lighter materials into heavier elements in just seconds. Scientists believe that a similar collision took place in the vicinity of our solar system billions years ago. This collision is likely to have led to the birth of our solar systems.

The majority of gold in the crust and the mantle of Earth is microscopic dust particles embedded within rock.IWC Big Pilot Replica Far less of it is found as nuggets in bedrock or in mines. Crystalline gold is the rarest of all gold variations found in nature.

Gold-bearing waters run through the rock and form veins, onto which gold flakes can be deposited. The largest single crystal of gold ever found weighed 217 grams and was worth more than USD1.5 million.

IWC Big Pilot Replica's research department discovered how to reproduce such crystalline gold forms by heating pure 1064 gold, which melts it and then rises to a cooler temperature, where it crystallises.

The crystals are never formed in the exact same way, so you will never get the same crystal structure or shape. IWC Big Pilot Replica dial makers carefully arrange these flakes on dials to recreate the auriferous flakes that are found in nature.Zenith Replica The dials are then sealed with a clear varnish. The process is repeated until the gold is displayed perfectly on the black dial.

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