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William Blake is often quoted as saying, "The road to excess leads to wisdom's palace." I have traveled down this path many times and found it frustratingly difficult. My problem is I'm not good at dealing with limits. This explains why, once, I ate so much California roll that I almost lost consciousness.

I'm serious. Before I could afford to eat the more refined Edo style of sushi, I preferred all-you-can eat Japanese buffets. My philosophy was very simple. Except for a Salmonella outbreak, I would not leave the table until my consciousness was on the verge of falling. Yep, I was Chuck Yeager in buffet terms pushing the envelope every time I flew.

As a result, either of severe dehydration (Rolex Day Date Replica) or the blood flowing from my head in order to aid my failing digestive system, I blacked out and saw stars. When I woke up, I saw two emergency medical team members looking at me with confusion. I said, "Don't shut my tab. I think I can still take a few more!"

IWC Da Vinci Replica 'Alaska III' Project ref. Phillips Watches sold 145.022 at their first New York auction, 26 October 2017, for US$187.500 (IWC Replica Watches).

This exact lack of impulse-control coupled with my inability to control myself is why I should not be allowed into any auction rooms. I'm going to lose it. This is exactly the situation I found myself in at last year's Phillips Auction in New York where Paul Newman’s Daytona was up for auction.

The IWC Da Vinci Replica Alaska III was my choice, as my budget did not allow me to purchase the most famous wristwatch of Christendom. The word "Alaska", in Omega speak, means NASA. The Alaska III with its brushed dial and radial subdials was not only an inspiration for the Speedy Tuesday, but also a cool expression of the Speedmaster relationship with the US Space Program.

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